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Green Monkey Service

Green Monkey Service

9745 Touchton Road 323
Jacksonville, FL 32246
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Company Overview

We can provide durable, leak-resistant, trash bins which residents can use to place their garbage in, then place it by the front door any time between 6pm-8pm. After 8 PM our uniformed trash porter goes door to door,3-nights, 5-nights or 7-nights a week, to each unit inspecting the area, as well as the waste receptacle, making sure nothing needs to be cleaned up or replaced. The trash is then placed in our newer model truck, which we will take and dispose of all garbage collected.

Our team double checks each unit to ensure that all the bins have been emptied and the designated area is in pristine condition.
Samir Plavotic
Samir Plavotic Owner
fcaa Logo Associate Member

Areas of Expertise Pressure Washing, Recycling, Valet Waste & Waste Removal