2021 Board of Directors Application



9456 Philips Highway, Suite 4, Jacksonville, Florida  32256

Phone:  (904) 292-1345      Fax:  (904) 292-1291      E-Mail:  [email protected]






Nominee: _____________________________________


Company: ____________________________________



Membership Category:  [   ] Community Director     [   ] Associate Director


Please list professional designations or licenses (achieved or in progress) held by you:


[  ] CAM    [  ] NALP   [  ] CAS    [  ] CAPS   [  ] CAMT   

[  ] CPM    [  ] RAM    [  ]  ARM   [  ]  PMC   [  ] Other: _____________________


Please rate your attendance at apartment association (FCAA or other association) activities over the past two years:


FCAA Activity





Charitable Activities (e.g., Harbor House, Poker Run)




Dinner Meetings




Awards Dinner




Social Events (e.g., Oktoberfest, Summer Sizzler)




Education Programs/Seminars/Workshops




NAA Annual Meeting




FAA Annual Meeting




Legislative Visits






Please indicate programs/activities for which you volunteered during the past two years:


[  ] Committee Member (List Committees: __________________________________________________)

[  ] Instructor (List Classes: ______________________________________________________________)

[  ] Contributor to CoastLINES

[  ] PAC Fundraising Events (Walkathon, Poker Run)

[  ] Property Maintenance Craftsman Program

[  ] Trade Show

[  ] Summer Sizzler, Oktoberfest, Holiday Party

[  ] Harbor House Charity Event

[  ] Clara White Canned Food Drive

[  ] Speed Networking for Vendors

[  ] Solicited Sponsorships

[  ] Sponsored Events  (List Sponsorships :_________________________________________________)

[  ] Recruited New Members

[  ] Other (list volunteer work for other apartment associations): _________________________________: ___________________________________________________________________________________




In order to be successful, the FCAA board requires a full complement of the skills listed below.  Please indicate which skills you possess and to what degree.  Keep in mind that no one board member is required to possess all of the skills listed.






Financial Management




Strategic Planning




Policy Development








Human Resources/Personnel




Legal Issues




Lobbying/Political Action/Legislative/Political Influence




Media/Public Relations




Organizational Development




Time Management




Knowledge of Multifamily Issues








Written Communication




Public Speaking




Event Planning




Knowledge of Services Provided by FCAA








Other (List):




Other (List):





As a board member, you must dedicate the time for approximately four two-hour board meetings annually, an all-day planning meeting, monthly committee meetings, monthly membership meetings or special events, and other activities as approved and scheduled by the board.  Although many of these events occur in the evening, some occur during the day, requiring you to be away from the office.  Do you and your employer fully understand and support this commitment?   [   ] Yes     [   ]  No


What additional experience and expertise would you bring to the Board to help address the challenges facing the Association and the industry?






If I am elected, I am willing and able to serve a two-year term.  I certify that all information provided on this form is correct.


Nominee’s Signature: _____________________________________________________


Date: _________________________



Candidate Acceptance Application and resume must be returned to the FCAA no later than Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.