Next Gen Committee Minutes 9.19.18

Posted By: Taylor Tucker Next Gen Committee,


Next Gen Committee Meeting = FCAA’s HYPE TEAM

First Coast Apartment Association

September 19, 2018




Grow attendance/participation | Create a Next Gen Event | Implement a mentorship program

NEW Mission Statement: “Next Gen promotes the engagement of future industry leaders through professional connections, volunteering, and educational opportunities”


  • Introductions–

                        Everyone please take a moment to sign the sign-in sheet.

                        We will go around and everyone can introduce themselves.



  • Sponsor a candidate for education (Cam, Lyecum, NALP, CAMT, etc)
    • Candidate Qualifies By:
    • Committee Attendance, volunteering at events, Recruitment, reference letter
    • Approve Scoring Sheet – create scoring point system
    • Open up applications?
    • Application deadline:




  • Next Gen Event


    • Networking? Yes!
    • Support a charity? Yes! Ronald McDonald House – we will have a donation jar at the event for Ronald McDonald specifically – Held as a Raffle with three gift baskets (s,m,l) $2 raffle ticket
    • Open to everyone – Hosted by Next Gen – Yes!
    • Price point: $25
    • Venue: Veterans Craft Brewery
    • Food Truck: Taylor Tacos.
    • Promo flyer went out with food drive flyer
    • November 20th – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Need food truck sponsor = $300
    • Drink Sponsor = $300 – Skinner Waste Solutions


  • Event – Marketing Plan
    • Send marketing emails twice a week
    • Make it a Facebook event
    • Market through Facebook/Social Media by posting once a week
    • Flyer went out with Canned Food Drive blitz – ALL membership 9.10.18
    • Other marketing suggestions? Videos?





  • Mentorship Program
    • Brainstorming – Buddy Program – exchange numbers
    • Sounding board – email buddy –
    • There is a communication thread on the next gen page where you can find numbers and leave yours.
    • Lunch n Learn with Panel of season professionals – needs discussion







Event: Looked over application/score sheet, set scores and make small changes and suggestions for application. Application process will open up on Nov 1 and close Dec 14th. Jan we will make the announcement for the winner! Narrowed down raffles prizes for Ronald McDonald raffle/donations - $25(Fort), $100 (CORT), and $25 (ZRS). Tickets for the event will be available Monday, 8th – be sure to spread the word at FAA and Oktoberfest! Marketing: Do lots of videos (scholarship/funny/corny/basket post). Mentorship program: Needs more discussion – parking lotted for now.