CDC Federal Eviction Moratorium extended until June 30th, 2021


The CDC extended its federal eviction moratorium order through June 30, 2021. The announcement included modifications, while the core elements of the order remain in effect.


Three items of particular concern stand out from the CDC’s announcement:

  • While the order does not prohibit evictions for engaging in criminal activity while on the leased premises, covered persons may not be evicted on the sole basis that they are alleged to have committed the crime of trespass (or similar state-law offense); 


  • Individuals who have, who might have been exposed to, or who might have COVID-19 should not be evicted on the grounds that they pose a health or safety threat to other residents; and


  • Covered persons may use any written document in place of the declaration form, if it includes the required information in the form, or use a form translated into other languages.


As you know, we are strongly opposed to eviction moratoriums and their continued extensions or expansions, and we continue to push back against this dangerous and damaging government overreach. This was one of the core issues that FCAA spoke about when meeting with Federal lawmakers during the NAA Advocate conference earlier this month.


On February, 26th, 2021 a Federal Judge in Texas found the Federal Eviction Moratorium unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the ruling was appealed and is currently waiting to be heard. You can see the DOJ response to the challenge case here.


While the challenge case is caught up in the courts, the federal government has extended the order. There was a joint statement issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FTC. The emphasis of the statement is that they will be cracking down on illegal evictions while the moratorium is still in effect. You can read the statement here.


Please be sure to read all of the issues and orders so that your property can follow all of the legal directions in regards to evictions.