Next Gen Committee Meeting 7.19.18

Next Gen Committee,


Next Gen Committee Meeting = FCAA’s HYPE TEAM

First Coast Apartment Association

July 17, 2018


 [Brackets cover minutes]


Grow attendance/participation | Create a Next Gen Event | Implement a mentorship program

NEW Mission Statement: “Next Gen promotes the engagement of future industry leaders through professional connections, volunteering, and educational opportunities”


  • Introduction – Dinner Meeting T-shirts re cap
    • Like the shirts? [Yes]
    • Responses from others about the shirts? – [Loved them – approached a lot to ask about Next Gen]
    • Recruitment –[ Definitely helped create a buzz & get people interested]



  • Sponsor a candidate for education (Cam, Lyecum, NALP, CAMT, etc)
    • How will candidate qualify?
    • Need specifics: Committee Attendance, volunteering at events
    • [Recruitment
    • Application Process
    • Extra obligations
    • Voting – NOT our committee – another assoc. staff or YP group
    • Sending out a survey with more details to gauge opinions and ideas]


  • Next Gen Event


    • Networking? Yes!
    • Support a charity? Yes! Ronald McDonald House (V’s Pizza)
    • Open to everyone – Hosted by Next Gen – Yes!
    • Venue options: [Ardwolf, Blackfinn, need other solid options (centrally located, downtown, mandarin, southside, etc)
    • Start reaching out to vendors who will help distribute candy bag blitz
    • ^^^ Currently volunteers for above ^^
    • Catherine w. Sherwin
    • Amanda w. BG
    • Travis w. Agent Fire
    • Colleen w. CORT
    • Brittany T w. Fresh Aire
    • Ashley w. Belfor]






  • Mentorship Program
    • Brainstorming – Buddy Program – exchange numbers
    • Sounding board – email buddy
    • ]A non-next genner high up as a outlet?? Lunch n Learn with Panel of season professionals.]




  • Camy B.
  • Amanda B.
  • David Lockett
  • Ashley Brooks
  • Brittany Tolentino
  • Travis DuBrava
  • Tyler Jefferson
  • Bre Hill
  • Catherine Povec
  • Jadah Frisbee
  • Jocelyn Wheeler
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Summer Paolucci
  • Vanessa Vincent
  • Cole Dew