Next Gen Committee Meeting 8.21.18

Next Gen Committee,


Next Gen Committee Meeting = FCAA’s HYPE TEAM

First Coast Apartment Association

August  21, 2018




Grow attendance/participation | Create a Next Gen Event | Implement a mentorship program

NEW Mission Statement: “Next Gen promotes the engagement of future industry leaders through professional connections, volunteering, and educational opportunities”


  • Introduction –
    • Do we need more shirts?




  • Sponsor a candidate for education (Cam, Lyecum, NALP, CAMT, etc)
    • How will candidate qualify?
    • Need specifics: Committee Attendance, volunteering at events
    • Recruitment
    • Application Process
    • Extra obligations
    • Voting – NOT our committee – another assoc. staff or YP group
    • Sending out a survey with more details to gauge opinions and ideas


  • Share survey results:
  • Event Date: November 20, 2018
  • Event Venue: Most voted was Blackfinn???
  • Scholarship: CAM or NALP
  • Theme: Thankful Taco Tuesday with Next Gen



  • Next Gen Event


    • Networking? Yes!
    • Support a charity? Yes! Ronald McDonald House (V’s Pizza) – we will have a donation jar at the event for Ronald McDonald specifically
    • Open to everyone – Hosted by Next Gen – Yes!
    • Price point?!?! – Need to secure venue costs first!
    • Venue options: Ardwolf, Blackfinn, need other solid options (centrally located, downtown, mandarin, southside, etc) – TACOOOOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!!
    • Start reaching out to vendors who will help distribute candy bag blitz
    • ^^^ Currently volunteers for above ^^
    • Catherine w. Sherwin
    • Amanda w. BG
    • Travis w. Agent Fire
    • Colleen w. CORT
    • Brittany T w. Fresh Aire
    • Ashley w. Belfor






  • Mentorship Program
    • Brainstorming – Buddy Program – exchange numbers
    • Sounding board – email buddy
    • A non-next genner high up as an outlet?? Lunch n Learn with Panel of season professionals – needs discussion
    • How do we feel about putting names and contact info in the “secret” page on our website for this? Like a way to reach whomever is in the committee.



Cole Dew

  • Wounded Warriors 5k: They are hosting a 5k near their Jacksonville headquarters in November. It's only $35 to register and every community can have their own "squad", as they call it. We can compete for fundraising as a fun incentive to support our troops. I think it's a great way to give a little for those who give so much. I've attached the flyer with registration information.
  • Amendment 2 (November 2018 ballot) - Florida Realtors trade group is pushing to pass Amendment 2, which gives voters the choice to make permanent a 10% cap on annual valuation increases for non-homestead properties. The 10% cap has been in place for a decade, but expires in 2019. Without an extension, property owners could see their property tax bill skyrocket. These potential tax increases would be passed along to renters and business customers, making the issue important whether someone owns property or not. I would like to discuss the topic briefly and offer literature for attendees to explore more information and make an educated vote on the subject.