Next Gen Committee Minutes 2.19.2019

Next Gen Committee ,


Next Gen Committee Meeting = FCAA’s HYPE TEAM

First Coast Apartment Association

February 19, 2019




               Grow attendance/participation | Create a Next Gen Event | Implement a mentorship program

NEW Mission Statement: “Next Gen promotes the engagement of future industry leaders through professional connections, volunteering, and educational opportunities”


  • Introductions–

                        Everyone please take a moment to sign the sign-in sheet.

                        We will go around and everyone can introduce themselves.


Guest Mentor Speaker: Ken Hilbert – Sherwin Williams


  1. What is your background?
  2. How did you get into the industry?
  3. How have you used FCAA to better your career?
  4. If you had a mentor, what have they done to help your career?
  5. If you could give any advice for someone starting out in the apartment industry, what would it be?
  6. What would you say to someone wanting to make the next big step in their career?




NextGen Happy Hour




INCOME          EXPENSES                    NET


  • 2019 Event
    • Apartment Day -
      • We can pick our own date this year – Tuesday, June 25th ??
      • “Let’s Taco about Apartment Day” – Duplicate Thankful Taco Tuesday (same venue – Veterans Brewery, same food truck – Taylor Tacos)
      • Do another raffle, but use the funds for the scholarship.
      • Funds of event and raffle to go towards scholarship
  • Scholarship
    • 2019 CAS Dates:
    • 2020 NALP Dates:
    • Application Created
    • Rubrics Created
      • Open applications?
      • Close applications?



  • Mentorship Program
    • There is a communication thread on the next gen page where you can find numbers and leave yours.
    • Lunch n Learn with Panel of season professionals – needs discussion
      • What date?
      • Topic? “Tricks of the Trade”
      • How many panel members? 4 total – 2 communities – 2 suppliers
      • Who will be our targeted panel members?
  • Introduce a quarterly education series similar to our new maintenance breakfast


  • Future meeting dates needing guest mentor:
  • 4/16
  • 6/18 Kellie Jackson?
  • 8/20
  • 10/15 Kellie Jackson?
  • 12/17



Volunteer Opportunities:

            30 minute shifts

  • March Lunch Meeting registration – March 21st
  • Trade Show – Registration, drink tickets, membership booth – April 11th
  • Business Exchange – Date & more details coming soon



2018 Goals:

  1. Grow attendance participation


  1. Create a Next Gen Event


  1. Implement a mentorship program



2019 Goals:

  1. Successful Scholarship Execution


  1. Continue to Develop Mentorship Program


  1. More Volunteer Participation


Minutes: Gist of Ken’s speaking: Be successful & exceptionally good at what you do now and be happy! | Chair of Taco Tuesday – Catherine, Co-chair: Cole Dew | Open apps: June 25th, Close: Sep 2nd, Announce Oct 1st | Lunch n Learn Panel will have 2 poll voting options on FB | Carey Dougherty to speak at next meeting 4/16  | Trade Show volunteer opportunities are available on the website.